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Education Upgrade for MBA Program

A top MBA program requires world-class instructors, the best students and innovative teaching materials and methods that meet practical needs. Therefore, one of our project is to support the development of the MBA Program of NCCU College of Commerce. Subsidies will cover hiring overseas visiting professors, attracting young talents to enroll to the program, and developing collaborative short-term programs and innovative teaching materials.

Hiring overseas visiting professors
Overseas professors and leading scholars will be hired to offer short-term programs to help MBA instruction and engage in collaborative research with faculties of this college. By doing so, we aim to raise the level of internationalization and increase opportunities for international exchange for the MBA Program. Vacancies will be prioritized for scholars specializing in business ethics. In addition, these visiting professors can engage in collaborative research with the team of the Center for Business Ethics Research and Development.

Sinyi Scholarship Plan: Attracting Young Talents to the MBA Program
After the list of successful candidates is announced, full-time students accepted by the program can apply for the Sinyi Scholarship. Representatives of Sinyi Realty will scrutinize two eligible candidates for the scholarship. During the study length, they will receive a full scholarship up to NT$400,000.

Sustainable Talents Cultivation Program: Cultivating Future Managers with Sustainable Competency
Aiming to cultivate social citizens engaging in sustainability on a long-term basis and demonstrating influence continuously, every semester the Sinyi School Scholarship Board reviews and selects one new MBA student; guides him or her to plan short-, medium-, and long-term learning plans of sustainable development; and grant him or her a scholarship amounting to NT$200,000 during his or her study.

Collaborative Short-Term Program
This two-way short-term program is established in collaboration with foreign leading business schools.

Development of innovative teaching materials
To encourage faculties of the MBA Program to develop innovative management teaching materials suitable for use in local operations and the internationalization of Taiwanese enterprises, the NCCU College of Economics specifically proposes the Program for the Development of Innovate Teaching Materials to subsidize faculties of the MBA Program to design innovative teaching materials.